Gator Greats

At the University of Florida we don’t only believe in excellence on athletic fields, we believe in a culture of greatness that extends far beyond our campus in Gainesville. Alumni, donors, friends and fans of UF are all considered family and important stakeholders in the success of our University. It is up to us, as Florida Gators, to continue the tradition of greatness that began in 1853 and to stand as exemplary pillars of our local community. It is for these reasons the Manatee County Gator Club is both excited and honored to introduce a new program dedicated to recognizing the many great Gator alumni of our local community. Each quarter, we will select a Florida Gator supporter from our local community to be honored by our club as a Gator Great.

So you may be wondering, what does it take to be Gator Great?  We feel there are many qualities that aGator Great may possess.  We are looking for dedicated, hardworking individuals with a passion for supporting his/her local community.  Of course, one must also be a true believer in the reputation that comes with being a member of the Gator nation.

If you know of someone that deserves to be honored as a Gator Great, consider nominating them, and perhaps they too, will be honored at our next Gator Gala!

 In order to receive recognition as a Manatee County Gator Great, one must:

  • Be a friend of the University of Florida and the Manatee County Gator Club
  • Be a resident of Manatee County
  • Have achieved a level of distinction in his/her profession and/or community that reflects well on the University of Florida
  • Have demonstrated leadership qualities either in their profession or the community, or has been recognized by their peers for outstanding contributions to their profession or their community

If you would like to nominate someone that you know would be a great fit for our Gator Great program, please submit the nomination form (found on our website) to with the subject heading of “Gator Great Nomination.” As always we thank you for your support. Go Gators!